Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 30 September 2016 by Crook Primary.

30 September 2016


Year 1 Alfie Howgarth
Year 2 Rhielyn Burgess
Year 3 Lexi Smiles
Year 4 Ella Parker
Year 5 Leonie Watson
Year 6 Lewis Bainbridge


Pupil of the Week

RS Rianne Featherstone
RCR Damien Carr
1N Holly Poulter
1L Maya Hope
2M Bradley White
2S Dylan Coulson
3A Taylor Wilkinson
3V Daniel Hobbs
4B Katie Newman
4M Annabelle Slack
5O Spencer Nicholson
5G Zack Brookes-Wilson
6C Jacob Aspray
6L Charlize Riley
6H Alfie Pears

Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 30 September 2016 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for September 2016.

RCR - Jack Nutt

Pupil of the month in RCR is Jack Nutt. Jack has shown an excellent attitude to learning at this very early stage of school and has settled into school life and routines easily. He is a very respectful child and is an excellent role model. Well done Jack - a fabulous start to school!

RS - Dakota Clark

Dakota has had an amazing start to her school life. She comes into school everyday with a huge smile on her face and can't do enough to help and aid the staff in EYFS. Also Dakota has shown great perseverance whilst learning her sounds and has excelled at numbers. Great start Dakota, keep it up!

1L - Ella Turner

Ella Turner is my Pupil of the Month for her outstanding behavior and effort so far. She is a privilege to have in the classroom and although she is very timid, she is little a star, and outshines herself in every lesson. She is always willing to help out around the classroom, she is a good friend to others and takes her time with her work. Well done Ella, keep up the fantastic work!

1N - Chloe Ladd

1N's pupil of the month for September is Chloe Ladd. Chloe is a pleasure to have in class and is a wonderful help. She always comes in with a wonderful smile on her face and she is so responsible and conscientious she could already be ready for Year 2. Keep up the fantastic work Chloe!

2M - Jacey Coleman

Jacey is 2M's pupil of the month. Jacey is hard working and always tries her best. She always sets a good example to the rest of the class and is a kind, polite and helpful young lady. Well done Jacey, keep up the hard work!

2S - Harry Todd

The first pupil of the month in 2S is Harry Todd. Harry is already ready to learn on the carpet and tries hard to give answers when working as a whole class. He is determined to complete work independently, as well as helping others when they are stuck. At playtimes and lunchtimes he lines up smartly, a true example to his class mates. Well done Harry!

3A - Sarah Frost

Sarah has been absolutely fantastic from the word go! She is unbelievably independent and uses this to be an excellent learner. By the time that she finds out about receiving Star of the Month she will have already found out that she is the first person in Year 3 to receive her pen license. Her presentation is immaculate and the quality of work that she produces is amazing. If Sarah continues this throughout the year I am sure she will have a superb year. Well done Sarah!

3V - Eve Barker

What a fantastic start to the year this young girl has had! Everyday she comes in with such a positive attitude and big smile on her face! She always gives 100% no matter what! I am so proud to have her in my class. Well done Eve Barker.

4B - Kyrell O'Connor

Kyrell has an outstanding ethos towards all aspects of school life; he gives 100% to every activity he enters into. His positive approach and enthusiasm has an impact on adults and peers alike. Well done Kyrell!

4M - Luca Kitching

4M's Pupil of the Month award goes to Luca Kitching. Luca is a model pupil with a great attitude towards school life and a fantastic sense of humour. He is extremely reliable and is always willing to persevere with any task! Well done Luca!

5G - Declan Spencer

Declan has had a brilliant start to Year 5. He goes above and beyond in everything that he does, working extremely hard each lesson to produce his best piece of work. He has been Dojo star of the week for two weeks running and is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom. Well done Declan!

5O - Mari Bainbridge

Mari is a newcomer to Crook Primary and she has settled in exceedingly well. Mari has made lots of new friends by being kind and polite to all other children in the class and has really impressed me with her enthusiasm in lessons. Despite only moving to the school at the start of this year she has already made a fantastic impression on myself and other members of staff in school. She is a delightful, hardworking member of the class and fits right in. Well done you Mari!

6C - Tom Hall

6C's pupil of the month goes to Tom Hall. He has been an absolute delight throughout his first month in year 6 and has taken to the challenges like a duck to water. His smile is infectious and he is a superb role model to other children in the school Great job Tom. Keep up the smiles!

6H - Aaron Lonsdale

Aaron has worked extremely hard for the month of September and completely deserves to be 6H's pupil of the month. The quality of Aaron's work is absolutely impeccable and he is a delight to have in the classroom with his enthusiasm and clearly love of learning. Well done Aaron!

6L - Freddie Smith

My pupil of the month this month is Freddie Smith. He is always doing the right thing and setting a good example to others. He has shown great enthusiasm this month about our World War 2 topic, doing his own research at home and bringing in books to share with others. Well done Freddie, keep it up!


Extreme Reading Goes International

Published on Friday 30 September 2016 by Crook Primary.

Extreme Reading Goes International

We have challenged our international friends to take part in our extreme reading competition. They have accepted the challenge and we look forward to seeing their photos in the weeks ahead.