Changes to the School Day

Published on Tuesday 3 May 2016 by Crook Primary.

Following the consultation exercise, the school day will change from SEPTEMBER 2016 with EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2 finishing at 3.15p.m and the nursery finishing at 3.30 p.m

New Trainees

Published on Friday 29 April 2016 by Crook Primary.

At the end of the week Miss Oxley, Miss Golightly and Miss Lywood will be joining us for their final teaching placement until the end of June. We are even more delighted than usual that they are joining us as all three will be working in school next year as teachers.


Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 29 April 2016 by Crook Primary.

29 April 2016

Pupil of the Week

6C Jessica Curry
6S Joshua Johnson
5B Jamie Rackstraw
5V Amber Dawson
4M Zack Brookes-Wilson
4B Matthew Jackson
3L Leah Nutt
3A Abi Fairhurst
2H Jessica Scott
2M Toby Chillingworth
1M Victor Nikolov
1S Charlie Hawkey
RC Riley Wright
RD Jacob Gatens

Resilience Awards

Yr 6 Nathan Cummings
Yr 5 Sarah Ferris
Yr 4 Katherine Smith
Yr 3 Maddison Bateman
Yr 2 Ava Bell
Yr 1 David Miller
Reception Jacob Gatens

Golden Spoon Awards

Hollie Poulter
Victor Nikolov
Charlie Moses
Zack Meisuria
Patience Stewart
Kian Mellis
Kie Wardle


Yr 5 Alfie Pears
Yr 4 Zack Blair
Yr 3 Charlotte Healer

Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 29 April 2016 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for April 2016.

RC - Oliver Kyle
Pupil of the month in RC goes to Oliver Kyle. Oliver shows exemplary behaviour and an excellent attitude to learning. This little boy has beautiful manners and never needs to be reminded to show them. Oliver’s independence in his learning has increased and he is constantly surprising us with the wonderful new things he has mastered. I am very proud of you Oliver! Well done

RD - Hollie Poulter
My pupil of the month in RD is Hollie Poulter. She is a delightful little girl who gives 100% in everything she does at school. Hollie has a great sense of humour and enjoys school life. Her manners are impeccable and she is a super role model to other children. Hollie is making good progress at school and is now becoming a confident, independent, hardworking little girl. Well done Hollie and keep up the amazing work!

1M - Archie Appleby
1M’s pupil of the month for April is Archie Appleby. Archie is becoming more independent in his writing every day and uses every resource to help him develop his work. Archie has a positive and enthusiastic attitude to all his learning and takes real pride in his work. Archie has lots of friends and is a very mature, helpful and well-mannered member of the class. Well done Archie!

1S - Bradley White
Bradley has exceled in school over the past month. He has developed a real passion for writing and drama especially with Shakespeare. He has perfected his handwriting and his books are flawless. In addition, he has behaved impeccably and deserved to be recognised for this. Well done Bradley – Keep it up!

2H - Alex Bowden
2H’s pupils of the month goes to a caring, mature and intelligent young man. Alex tries his best in all that he does and won’t stop until he feels he has perfected a certain activity. Alex would do anything to help anyone and has a lovely nature to him that all of the staff and children warm to. Congratulations Alex on an amazing month!

2M - Logan Heslop
Logan thoroughly deserves star of the month for fantastic work and having a positive attitude. Logan quietly gets on with his work independently and sensibly, as well as trying his best in everything he does. Logan is a kind and helpful member of the class and I am sure he will keep up the great work and excellent effort.

3A - Harry Burn
Harry is someone who is a teachers dream when it comes to listening and understanding a task and getting on with it. Harry has worked really hard on his reading in the past month and this is showing. During group discussions in Literacy he is someone who provides some excellent ideas. Also with him being a big Sunderland fan then he is always there for me after we get beat on a weekend (which is often). Well done Harry and keep up the good work.

3L - Hannah Parker
Hannah Parker is the shining star of the month in 3L this month! She has been working hard to develop her independence and has shown great improvements in this. She is attempting more and more work independently each day and is growing in confidence due to this. She always sets a good example to others and her behaviour is excellent. Well done Hannah, keep it up Hannah!!

4B - Spencer Nicholson
Spencer has the ability to light up a classroom every day. His ability to write narrative is exceptional and this is where he shines the most! His enthusiasm and willingness to learn is infectious and has a positive impact on his peers. Well done Spencer!

4M - Alex Nikolov
4M’s pupil of the month award goes to Alex Nikolov! Alex is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom and can always be found doing the right thing. He has a fabulous attitude to all of his work and gives his all in every task he undertakes! Well done Alex!

5B - Liam Pedelty
Liam is a star pupil in every way. He is a great friend to all of his peers. With his kind and caring nature, he looks out for everyone and he can always be relied upon to be supportive and helpful. In addition to this, Liam approaches all school work with a hard working attitude and always shows a positive attitude to his learning. Liam is a pleasure to teach and I am delighted that he is April’s star of the month for 5B.

5V - Charlize Riley
5V’s pupils of the month goes to a helpful, kind and determined young lady. Charlize strives to achieve her full potential in everything she does. She continues to be curious and inquisitive within every topic lesson. Charlize does anything to help anyone and she is a real pleasure to have in class. Well done Charlize!

6C - Lucy Hopper
This month’s pupil of the month in 6C goes to the wonderful, Lucy Hopper. She has worked hard this month to achieve her goal of contributing within lessons and I’m so pleased to say she has excelled. Robin Wood seems to have really brought out her true fighting spirit. Well done Lucy.

6S - Nicole Clement
Well done to Nicole, she is this month’s Star. She is showing herself to be a true maths champion through her excellent results she receives. Nicole has persevered throughout all lessons, showing a keen interest in improving her ability and sharing her knowledge with others.