Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 27 May 2016 by Crook Primary.

27 May 2016

Pupil of the Week

RD Chloe Ladd
RC Emily Bowden
1S Ava-Louise Mullinder
1M James Nicholson
2M Aaron Taylor
2H Jacob Henderson
3A Kian Wilkinson
3L Zack Meisuria
4B Kashmir Maskill
4M Maria Parker
5V Chelsie Genner
5B Charlie Bunton
6C Jack Dunn
6S Thomas Nutt

Resilience Awards

EYFS - Jack Chillingworth
Year 1 - Josh Johnson
Year 2 - Logan Carr
Year 3 - Emily Ramsey
Year 4 - Ellie Tones
Year 5 - Aaron Lonsdale
Year 6 - Devan Pears

Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 27 May 2016 by Crook Primary.

May 2016

RC - Jack Ryan
Pupil of the month in RC is Jack Ryan. It has been a pleasure to watch Jack mature into the little boy he is. He shows kindness and sensitivity to his friends, a real interest in and passion for learning as well as calm and good behaviour. Jack tries hard to do all of these things and truly deserves this award!

RD - Abbie Coney
My pupil of the month in RD is Abbie Coney. She is such a well-mannered, polite little girl who is very popular in class. She works extremely hard in school and gives 100% in everything she does. Abbie has a great relationship with the adults in the unit and has a fabulous sense of humour. Abbie is making great progress especially in her reading and I am sure this will continue. Abbie you are a delight to have in my class!

1M - Emma Frost
1M’s pupil of the month for May is Emma Frost. Emma has such a positive and enthusiastic attitude to all her learning and takes real pride in her work. She is a lovely friend and always puts others before herself. Emma loves to challenge herself and this has allowed her to shine in Numeracy. Emma is a pleasure to have in the classroom, I do not know what I am going to do without her! Well done Emma!

1S - Billy Pears
The star in 1S this week is Billy Pears. Billy has had a fantastic month and has really impressed Miss Oxley. He has shown real progress with his writing and his numeracy remains at an amazing level. He continues to be mature in the classroom and a great friend. Well done Billy, keep it up!

2H - Evan Ridley
Evan Ridley has excelled himself across this month and I am delighted that he is our pupil of the month. He has worked with a mature and intelligent head on his shoulders throughout the SATS and was determined to apply every skill he had acquired this year into his work. Congratulations Evan!

2M - Isla Defty
Isla has worked incredibly hard over the last few weeks and it has shown, especially with her writing and reading comprehension skills. Isla is a kind and caring member of the class who quietly gets on with her work. She always does the right thing and puts 100% effort into everything she does. Well done Isla. Keep up the fantastic work!

3A - Delta Hoult
Delta has been a star this month as she is in all the other months of the school year. She has become an important and respected member of team 3A who provides excellent ideas. Delta is also someone who is very independent and is always there for her classmates if they need her help or want a friend to talk to. Well done Delta and keep up being amazing fantastic!

3L - Luca Kitching
This month my pupil of the month goes to Luca. This month Luca’s independence has really stood out. He is reliable, always tries hard, contributes to every lesson and is a joy to have in 3L. he also done a fantastic job representing our school in a ‘Quad kids’ event, winning 2 of his 3 events. Well done Luca, keep up the great work!

4B - Kieran Hindmarsh
Presently, Kieran is working to the best of his ability throughout the curriculum. This can be particularly seen in Maths-where he shines! His ability to offer support to his peers is a jot to behold as his empathy for those around him. Well done Kieran!

4M - Georgia Harrison
Georgia has the ability to light up the classroom! She gives 100% in every task she is given and thrives off challenges. Her upbeat and positive attitude is infectious amongst her peers, Miss Macieira and Miss Bryson. A well-deserved award! Well done Georgia!

5B - Rosie Robinson
Rosie is our star of the month in 5B for a wide range of reasons! Since the beginning of Year 5 Rosie has really impressed me in the way she has developed her independence and resilience. Rosie always makes an effort with tasks set to her and in particular her topic work is something she can really be proud of. Rosie also makes an effort to be helpful to both adults and her peers. Finally, Rosie’s sense of humour keeps us all entertained. It’s an absolute pleasure to have Rosie in Class 5B!

5V - Aaron Barker
I am delighted to announce 5V’s pupil of the month is Aaron Barker. He always gives 100% towards school life and puts so much effort into his work. Persevering when things get tough, Aaron always like to complete his work to the best of his ability. I am so proud at how hard you work Aaron! Well done!

6C - Bradley Sanders
This month’s pupil of the month is Bradley Sanders. He is giving his all in everything he does, even now SATs are finished! Throughout his writing he ensures what he has produced is to the best of his ability by proof-reading and polishing what he has done. What a star! Well done Bradley

6S - Jayden Thompson
This month’s pupil of the month is Jayden Thompson. Over the year she has started to show her great sense of humour and kind personality to all her peers. In Literacy, she’s blossomed into a lovely writer. Every piece is of a high quality, but in all lessons it is obvious that she takes pride in what she is creating. Fantastic work Jayden. Well done

Summer Fayre

Published on Thursday 26 May 2016 by Miss Vaughan.

We would like to invite you to our Summer Fayre on Friday 1st July. Children can be collected from their classes by parents at 1.30 pm to visit the fayre. Once you have visited the fayre children will be able to leave with parents from 2.30pm. Those children who do not have an adult with them will be supervised by a member of staff until the end of the day.

Pupils and staff have been working hard arranging a family fun day with entertainment, exciting activities and lots of attractions. Weather permitting it will be held outside. Further details to follow, closer to the time.

We would be very grateful if you could contribute any unwanted gifts for the tombola and raffle prizes. Any donations may be handed into your child's class teacher by 17th June.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you in anticipation of your support,

The Summer Fayre Team.


Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 20 May 2016 by Crook Primary.

20 May 2016

Pupil of the Week

RC Steed Cleary
RD Christy King Belshaw
1M Benjamin Symcock
1S Ryan Donaldson
All Year 2
3L Alexei-kahn Godard
3A Dylan Patton
4B John Moore
4M Katherine Smith
5B Jack Anderson
5V Lewis Bainbridge
6S Daniel Wileman
6C Toby Butler

Resilience Awards

EYFS Sophie Taylor
Yr 1 Samantha Davison
All Year 2
Yr 3 Amy- Rose Robinson
Yr 4 Alex Nikolov
Yr 5 Tom Hall
Yr 6 Emily Ryan 


Yr 3 Ella Lowes
Yr 4 Zack Blair
Yr 5 Luke Barker