Pupil of the Month

Published on Thursday 28 March 2019 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for March 2019.

RR - Jack Moore

Jack has exceeded all of our expectations over the last month. Since starting to come to school full time, he has gone from strength to strength. His writing is beautiful and his number work has been tremendous. Jack has started to play with more children around the unit and as a result, has formed some lovely friendships. He has made all of his teachers very proud of him and astounds us every day with his determination. Well done, Jack! Keep shining bright.

RS - Joe Hird

Joe has worked tremendously hard this month! He has challenged himself everyday, working on his  concentration and presentation. As a result of all his hard work, his reading and writing have come on leaps and bounds. He is always the first to try new tasks and activities in the classroom and enjoys explaining his thoughts and processes on the activities. He is a bubbly, energetic and friendly member of the class. Keep up all your hard work Joe! You are doing fantastic!

1D - Paul-Mason Stewart

Paul-Mason is an absolute delight to teach. He has made fantastic progress recently in his reading and writing. Paul-Mason now has the confidence to tackle independent writing which is brilliant to see. He comes into school each morning with a huge smile on his face and is such a character within the group. Keep up the great work and fantastic attitude to learning!

1L - Emily Gatens

Congratulations to Emily Gatens for being 1L’s Pupil of the Month! Emily is an outstanding pupil and always attempts work to the best she can, paying particular attention to her handwriting. She enjoys learning and inspires her carpet partner to join in in discussions. She is not frightened to share her wonderful ideas in class and is one of the friendliest little girls you will ever meet. Well done Emily, you are a shining star!

1M - Harriet Parvin

1M's Pupil of the Month for March is Harriet Parvin. Harriet is excelling in all areas of school life. She loves to learn in and outside of school and can often be found completing extra work at home. Harriet is incredibly enthusiastic and lights up the classroom with her positive energy! I can not wait to see how Harriet continues to progress during the remainder of Year 1! Well done Harriet! A very well deserved reward!

2G - Marshal Horn

My Pupil Of The Month this month is awarded to Marshal. Marshal puts 100% effort into everything he does. He works hard in all lessons to complete his work at a very good standard, and he is always trying to find ways to improve it. Marshal always participates in lessons and lines up sensibly everyday. He is a great role model to have in the classroom, and he is a pleasure to teach. Well done Marshal!

2N - Quinn Brown

2N's pupil of the month goes to Quinn Brown. Quinn is a star pupil and really enjoys school life. His confidence has blossomed this year and he has made excellent progress in all subjects. He is now an independent learner and always tries his best. He is a happy soul and a pleasure to have in the classroom. Keep up the fantastic work ethic Quinn!

3A - Rosie-Beth Hobbs

Rosie-Beth has shown a much improved, hard working attitude over the last month. She has been pushing herself to go the extra mile and she has proven to herself she is more than capable of achieving anything she sets her mind to. She has been rising to all challenges and succeeded across all subjects. She has shown fantastic improvements in reading and writing and her work ethic is becoming more and more consciousness as the year goes on. Well done, Rosie-Beth. It has been wonderful to see. Keep it up!

3F - Emma Reilly

This young lady has worked extremely hard this month in all aspects of school life. She has improved her handwriting and her reasoning and problem solving. Emma is such a pleasure to teach and a wonderful member of 3F. Well done Emma

4M - Emma Frost

Emma is 4M's pupil of the month. Emma is a resilient and conscientious learner. She always gives tasks her full effort and tries to include all of her previous learning in her work. Emma is a sensible and kind member of 4M and sets a great example to her peers in terms of behaviour and attitude. Keep up the fantastic work Emma. Well done!

5A - Brooke Henry

Brooke has proved herself to be a very good learner. She always wants to challenge herself, takes risks and is very resilient if she struggles with a task. Brooke is also a very helpful and friendly member of 5A and is a delight to have in and around the group. Well done!

5T - Alex Bowden

5T's pupil of the month is Alex Bowden. He has demonstrated a fantastic attitude towards his learning and constantly strives to achieve his very best. Alex has developed his resilience and works well with others. He has impeccable manners and is a good friend to all of the other children in the class. He is a pleasure to have in our class.

6H - Kaitlyn Wilson

Class 6H 'Pupil of the month' is a child who displays 'Growth Mindset' strategies in every situation she faces.  Kaitlyn Wilson demonstrates resilience and perseverance and this is evident as we approach SAT's. When Kaitlyn makes a mistake she is keen to find out how this has occurred and how she can prevent it happening again.  She is an organised, friendly child who works well in a team and encourages all her friends to achieve their personal best. Well done Kaitlyn for always giving your all and we enjoying hearing your mature opinions in our class discussions.

6L - Harry Burn

Harry has made so much progress since entering into year 6. Although he hasn't always found it easy, he has shown great determination and resilience and as a result is making incredible progress. Harry will attempt any task without complaint and always strives to achieve. This is such a good attitude to have as he progresses to secondary school. Well done Harry!

6O - Amy-Rose Robinson

Amy-Rose is truly a shining star in Year 6! With an excellent attitude towards learning, Amy-Rose always comes to school with the goal of challenging herself in every way that she can. She shows determination and resilience when faced with a problem that needs solving, and is therefore making leaps and bounds in her progress. Well done Amy-Rose!

This Week's Awards

Published on Friday 22 March 2019 by Crook Primary.

22 March 2019

Pupil of the Week

RR: Aura Weston
RS: Tom Dobson
1L: Joey Crossley
1M: Ryan Newton
1D: Leland Emmerson
2G: Joseph Morante Closs
2N: Phoebe LLoyd
3A: Steed Cleary
3F: Alfie Rowell
4M: Leah Routledge
5T: Todor Getsov
6H: Thomas Stewart
6L: Kane Rand

Challenge Awards

Working hard on assessments

RR: Rose Calcombe
RS: Sophie Jane Wilson
1L: Charlie McIntyre
1M: Fiona Norman
1D: Charlie Day
2G: Brooke Dawson
2N: Ava Anderson
3F: Hollie Poulter
4M: Jack Johnson
5T: Lily Whitaker
All of year 6

Dojo Champs

Reception: Imogen McManus
Year 1: Harry Gibson, Emily Grady, Harriet Parvin
Year 2: Evie Hodgson
Year 3: Jackson Emmerson
Year 4: Aaron Croan
Year 6: Niamh Walls, Charlie Swan

Robinwood 2019!

Published on Friday 22 March 2019 by Miss Lee.

Children should come to school as normal on Monday for Robinwood.

They should drop all luggage off in 6L. Miss Lee will be around prior to the bell so children don't need to hang around on the yard with it.

We will be leaving school at approximately 10am.

Children should be wearing the comfortable clothes they wish to travel in. They should be appropriate for a substantial walk.

Whilst we are at the centre, there is minimal phone signal. Updates will be posted on an evening on the website and on Facebook.

Here's to a fantastic 3 days!

Parent Evenings

Published on Thursday 21 March 2019 by Crook Primary.

There are still 214 parents who have not yet signed up for an individual parents meeting appointment next week. We would really like as many parents as possible to attend so that you can support your child to be the best they can be. Mrs Greenwood is waiting for your calls and can book you in.

Well done to 6O Miss Oxley's class for this weeks best class attendance: 100%

CEOP Safety Centre

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Diary Dates

We need you to help us!

We are trying hard to improve attendance at school and we need you to do the following things:

  • Attendance drops on a Friday especially before a holiday. Please make sure your child is in school every Friday and does not miss school because you have planned a long weekend.
  • Do not book routine doctors and dentist appointments during school time unless absolutely necessary and bring an appointment card to the office.
  • Holidays will not be granted unless exceptional circumstances. You must apply for leave of absence prior to booking any holiday to see if permission would be granted.
  • Please only keep your child off if they are really ill and not just under the weather. We can always contact you if we feel they need to go home.

Thank you for your continued support in helping us to improve attendance.

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