Science Week in Year 3

Published on Friday 16 March 2018 by Mr Askew.

Well done to our Year 3 classes who have shown great enthusiasm when taking part in our Science Week.

Science Week in Year 3Science Week in Year 3

In 3A we had to make birds nests from the natural materials we could find outside. The children first discussed their ideas in groups before designing and presenting back to the class. There was some excellent ideas and curiosity shown. When building their nests there were some difficulties but the children showed great resilience, teamwork and intuition to change from their plans to make excellent birds nests. Well done 3Awesome!

Science Week in Year 3Science Week in Year 3

3F were given the challenge 'The Polar Expedition'. We had to research and investigate different types of food that would give the most amount of calories for someone who was going to the Antarctic. Within our challenge we were only allowed to take a backpack, so we had to make sure the food didn't weigh much but had lots of calories. This is what we found out;

Dried fruit is light enough to carry but it is packed with calories.

Sweets, chocolate and biscuits are only small but they have loads of calories.

Powdered milk is a good way to make sure we get lots of calories.

Did you know that when sledging we can burn up to 6000 calories?