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Well Done to 1S, Mr Storey's class for best class attendance this week with 99.3%.

Breaking news.....

Today the first chick hatched in EYFS!

Congratulations to Griffin

Congratulations to the children of Griffin who won the most golden eggs this term! They can wear non uniform on Friday

Pupil of the Month

Today we announced our pupils of the month for March 2015.

RC - Ashton Garland

Since our return to school after half term Ashton has been working his socks off! He tries his hardest in every lesson, listens carefully and has exactly the right attitude for learning. His reading and writing has improved as a result and he impresses us every day! Furthermore he has a wonderful smile and likes making staff and children smile too! Well done Ashton!

RD - Samantha Davison

My pupil of the month in RD is Samantha Davison. She is a joy to have in my class and makes me laugh every day. Samantha is progressing in all areas of the curriculum. She has an excellent imagination and is very confident to speak during whole class discussions. This month she has shown extra charisma especially when auditioning for the Crook factor. Keep up all the hard work Samantha and continue making me smile!

1M - Rhianne Longmoor

1M's pupil of the month for March is Rhianne Longmoor. Rhianne has such a positive and enthusiastic attitude to all her learning and takes real pride in her work. Her behaviour is always of the highest standard and she sets the expectations for the rest of the class. Rhianne has showed real progression in her reading and writing this term and always works on improving her work. Rhianne is a pleasure to have in class and always brings a smile to everyone's face. Well done Rhianne!

1S - Alfie Sanderson

Alfie is a great character in the classroom, he can tell great jokes and always gives 100% with his work. Alfie is a pot of treasure and his topical language surprises me every day. Well done Alfie - Keep it up!

2H - Taylor Nixon

Taylor Nixon is 2H's pupil of the month! He has worked extremely hard all month, trying in all elements of his work. Taylor is an absolute pleasure to have in class and is interested and curious about all we do. Well done Taylor!

2W - Leah Nutt

Leah Nutt has worked hard all month and has been a shining star in 2W. She works hard to improve her writing and share ideas in topic lessons. She is a friend to all and a peacekeeper on the playground. Well done Leah! Keep it up!

3C - Hannah Stopforth

Hannah is a thoughtful, caring, hard working class member who gives her best at all times. She shows determination when she finds things difficult and perseveres until she accomplishes her goal. Well done Hannah you are a star.

3L - Ben Jones

Ben has made such an effort with his numeracy this month. He has tried very hard to work independently and is now completing much more work! He has a positive attitude towards numeracy and enjoys the lessons. Well done Ben!

4B - Aaron Barker

Aaron has worked hard to improve his approach to school life which has resulted in him having a superb attitude to all areas of school life! He is an accomplished artist; his creations are distinctive and creative and very much Aaron! Aaron loves a challenge and rises to them; his team spirit is a joy to behold! Well done Aaron!

4PR - Sonny Longstaff

Sonny is riding high in maths- his perseverance is a lesson to all! Sonny is growing in confidence in all areas of school life and is a credit to his Year 4 class! Well done Sonny!

5B - Bradley Sanders

Bradley is a hardworking and conscientious member of our class and he is a delight to teach. He approaches all of his lessons with an infectious enthusiasm where he encourages his classmates in their work and is a wonderful role model. Bradley always comes into the classroom with a broad smile and his manners are impeccable. Recently, Bradley demonstrated outstanding acting skills performing his role in our production of Hamlet with dedication and flair. Well done on being our star of the month Bradley!

5P - Sam Stancliffe

Sam has fantastic enthusiasm for all aspects of school life. He commits 100% to working hard and engaging actively in all lessons. He is curious and interested in a range of subjects and motivated to discover as much as he can about the world in which we live! He has a kind and caring nature and is a true star in 5P. Thank you for all that you contribute Sam! Very well done on being 5P's star of the month!

6B - Sam Pollock

6B's star of the month is Sam Pollock. He is embracing the workload which is being given to him for SATs and working his socks off to achieve the levels he wants. Well done Sam.

6S - Caitlin Varley

6S's star of the month is a very deserving Caitlin Varley. Caitlin is a joy to have in lessons as she aims to provide her best, both in discussion and on paper. This year she has also made great improvement in her presentation by taking time to provide work that she is proud of. Caitlin brings a warm, calm nature to the classroom and is always on hand to help her peers, offering both support and a friendly smile. Well done C!


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