Well done to 4M Miss Macieira's class for this weeks best class attendance; 99%

School Closure

Published on Monday 27 June 2016 by Crook Primary.

Due to strike action by the NUT the school will be closed on Tuesday 5th July and will reopen on Wednesday 6th July.


1. Children in Year 2 who are going on the Weardale residential trip should come to school as normal as the trip is going ahead. The rest of Year 2 should stay at home.

2. Children in Key Stage 2 who are going on the camping trip should also come to school. These children will be notified this Wednesday if they have been successful in securing a place.

3. The Shakespeare trip to Stratford will also take place.

4. Children in Year 6 who are transferring to King James in September should make their way to King James on the bus. A letter will be sent out from King James later this week.

Summer Fayre

Published on Monday 27 June 2016 by Crook Primary.

We would like to remind you that it is the Summer Fayre on Friday 1st July from 1.30 - 2.30pm. In honour of the Queen's birthday we would encourage all parents and children to wear the colours of the British flag. Key Stage 1 children are to be picked up from their classrooms at 1.30pm. Parents of Key Stage 2 children will be able to view their child's golden time performances on the field at 1.45pm, they are then free to attend the Fayre with an adult.

As we are hoping for a sunny day, please can everyone remember to apply their sun cream! Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 24 June 2016 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for June 2016.

RC - Jack Chillingworth
Pupil of the month in RC is Jack Chillingworth. Jack has been the most conscientious pupil and can be consistently relied upon to set an excellent example to all of the class. Jack has tried his very hardest at everything and is proud of the improvements that he has made in his work, as are we! Jack has a fascinating imagination and very interesting conversation – we are often intrigued by what he has to say! Such a deserved recipient for pupil of the month – well done!

RD - Kyla George
My pupil of the month in RD is Kyla George. This month she has really impressed me with how grown up and considerate to others she has been. Kyla is trying very hard with all tasks set and is showing she is definitely ready for the challenge of Year 1. She constantly has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to teach. Keep up the great work Kyla- what a star!

1M - Benjamin Symcox
1M’s pupil of the month for June is Benjamin Symcox. Benjamin is an absolute pleasure to have in class. He contributes during class discussions and always tries his best. He has a fantastic attitude towards his learning and is becoming very independent in his writing. The progress he has shown this year has been fantastic and I hope he is very proud of himself. Not only is Ben a star in the classroom, he is also a kind and caring friend and is more than ready to move in to Year 2. Well done Ben!

1S - Harry Todd
The star of the month in 1S goes to Harry Todd. At the start of the year Harry was quite shy and unsure about year 1. However, as the year has panned out he has flourished and become a confident member of the class. Harry has improved with his reading and writing and can now work independently without any fuss. I am delighted for Harry, he is definitely year 2 ready!

2H - Jacob Henderson
For the final month of the year, I have no hesitation in making Jacob my pupil of the month. Throughout not only this month, but the full year, Jacob has been an absolute delight to have in my classroom. He is a determined young man who strives to be the best he possibly can be and I am positive this will continue in Year 3 too! Congratulations Jacob!

2M - Daniel Hobbs
Daniel has impressed me by putting 100% effort into everything he has done. Daniel is kind and is keen to help around the classroom. He is polite and well-behaved in class and contributes to class discussions with enthusiasm. Daniel completes his work and any corrections independently, showing resilience and perseverance. In addition, Daniel’s hand writing is continuing to improve and I hope that he keeps this up. Well done Daniel!

3A - Taylor Nixon
Pupil of the month for June in 3A is Taylor Nixon. Taylor is someone who at the start of the year got upset when he found tasks difficult but over the year he has become much more resilient and confident in his own ability. Taylor is now a pupil who always has his hand up and wants to contribute to lessons. Keep up the good work and well done Taylor!

3L - Keira Evans
Our Pupil of the Month goes to Keira Evans for her much improved behaviour and attitude. She is an asset to the class and has blossomed in literacy. Her debating skills are phenomenal yet she still shows respect for her fellow classmates by listening and appreciating their ideas and opinions.

4B - Ben Jones
Ben could be pupil of the month every month due to his 100% commitment to learn. He is a DELIGHT to have in class and is appreciated by all that meet him! Ben is to be commended on his recent progress across the curriculum and the manner in which he has approached it. Well done Ben!

4M - Jack Storey Plautus
Jack Storey Plautus is 4M’s pupil of the month. He is very charismatic and has the ability to light up the room with his personality. He always gives 100% in every lesson, especially during debates. Jack is a pleasure to have in the classroom and is very worthy of receiving this award! Well done!

5B - Daniel Thompson
Daniel is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom. He is friendly and kind. Daniel always comes into school with a happy, positive attitude and is a pleasure to be around. He is keen to learn and can be relied upon 100% to set a positive example of behaviour. Well done on being pupil of the month Daniel!

5V - Leila Wilson
June’s pupil of the month goes to Leila Wilson. She is a fantastic member of year 5. Leila is always polite and cheerful, a real pleasure to teach! I have watched Leila mature over the year and take responsibility for her own learning. She is always seeking to improve herself and work on her targets within the classroom. I am so proud Leila, well done!

6C - Kelly Wardle
The final pupil of the month for 6C goes to a wonderful girl who shows a positive attitude at all times. She has grown in maturity and intelligence throughout the year and it has been a pleasure to have her in my class. She is a great friend to others and shows true role model potential. Well done Kelly Wardle.

6S - Jack Spencer
6S pupil of the month is Jack Spencer. Over the year, Jack has grown in confidence during lessons. He contributes throughout and shows an interest in every topic we introduce. Jack is always on hand to help his peers, sharing his knowledge and helping them learn. During the year, he has joined into a range of school sporting events, representing the school with confidence. Well done Jack!


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