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Well Done to 3C, Miss Conlin's class for this weeks best class attendance.

Tanzania Diary

Pupil of the Month

Today our pupils of the month for October were announced.

RC - Kate Scott

Kate is a delight to have in class. She is enthusiastic about all learning and always brings a smile to every task. It is a pleasure to hear Kate read her reading book and retell stories with such flair and enthusiasm and her writing shows great progress. Kate is a very happy and hardworking member of RC and consequently deserves the award of Pupil of the Month.

RD - Ava-Louise Mullinder

My pupil of the month in RD is Ava-Louise Mullinder. Since starting school Ava-Louise has made a lot of progress in both her phonics and Number work. She is very enthusiastic about her learning and is very keen to succeed. Ava-Louise is a very helpful little girl in class to both adults and her peers and is a pleasure to have in my class. I hope her enthusiasm and passion for learning continues. Well done Ava-Louise!

1M - Logan Carr

1M’s pupil of the month is Logan Carr. This month Logan has really tried to speak up more and he has shown great effort in all classes. His personality is beginning to shine and he is showing our class what a lovely little boy he is. His confidence has improved and he is now joining in with the class and getting involved in lessons. Logan has shown a huge improvement in his writing in topic, and is gaining in confidence in numeracy. I am sure all of 1M would agree that we are very proud of Logan! Congratulations and keep up the hard work!

1S - Libby Lloyd

Class 1S’s star of the month goes to Libby Lloyd. Libby has had an amazing start to the year constantly displaying perfect behaviour throughout the school. Libby has also excelled in her work, taking great pride in everything she does. Well done Libby!

2H - Reuben Scott

Reuben has been fantastic throughout the month of October. Reuben is always ready to learn and is an absolute pleasure to teach. He is full of imaginative ideas and never fails to contribute to class discussions. Well done Reuben!

2W - Katie Newman

Katie always has a fantastic attitude in class.  She is a helpful and kind member of 2w who is eager to help her peers.  Well done Katie!!

3L - Katherine Smith

Katherine gives 100% in all that she does. She is always ready to learn, sets an excellent example to others and her behaviour is always outstanding. Well done Katherine!!

3C - Mia Campbell

Mia is an absolute delight to have in the classroom. She is always ready to learn and puts 100% into everything she does. Well done Mia.

4PR - Megan Blenkiron

Megan has made massive improvements to her attitude and behaviour in school. She is beginning to reap the benefits of her extra effort in lessons, and all of the Year team has noticed that she is more cheerful and smiley than ever! Well done Meg!

4B - Aaron Lonsdale

Well done to a young man who can always be relied upon to carry out any task conscientiously and with a mature approach. He gives everything he has in terms of effort and enthusiasm in all areas of school life. An absolute delight to his peers and staff alike!

5B - Jack Spencer

Jack is a hard working member of our class who always tries his best. Jack applies himself in all areas of the curriculum. He approaches all lessons with an infectious enthusiasm where he always takes part and has important contributions to make. Jack is an absolute pleasure to teach.

5P - Samuel Stancliffe

Samuel is a sensible, polite and hardworking member of Class 5P. He always tries his best and sets an impeccable example to other children in the class. He is full of imaginative and exciting ideas and has produced some excellent pieces of work. Samuel is a delight to have in the classroom.

6B - Matthew Johnson

Matthew has been AMAZING throughout the month of October. He wrote a fabulous journey story in Literacy and then went home to write another equally as good one. Well done Matthew. Keep this up and you will be rewarded with what you deserve at the end of Year 6.

6S - Matthew Maughan

Matthew is an absolute dream to have in class. In every lesson he works incredibly hard and takes the time to produce work which he can be proud of. Matthew has shown true perseverance during this half term, tackling topics head on and providing engaging contributions. With this ambitious attitude Matthew, you are bound to continue achieving greatness!

Pupil of the Week

24 November 2014

RC - Summer Thompson
RD - Samantha Davison
1M - Jake Parvin
1S - Daniel Hobbs
2W - Lucy Longstaff
2H - Bryony Seaton
3C - Ellie Tones
3L - Ellie Ashby
4B - Sophie Varley
4PR - Leila Wilson
5B - Bradley Sanders
5P - Ebony Shield
6B - Paige Forster
6S - Jamie Dawson

Parent Governor

Currently we have a vacancy for a parent governor to join our Governing Body.
We would like someone who has skills in one or more of  the following areas:

ICT/Management information systems

If you are interested in joining our Governing Body, please write a letter to Mrs Lupton by Monday 3rd November.

Pupil of the Month

September 2014

RC - Reuben Hill
Reuben has had a fantastic start to school! He is very eager to learn and shows a real love of learning. He asks lots of fascinating questions and shares his very interesting thoughts with his class. In addition he is a great class mate and has a kind and caring attitude towards all members of EYFS. Well done Reuben!

RD - Taylor Reed
In RD my pupil of the Month is Taylor Reed who is a delight to have in my class. Taylor has settled into Crook Primary with no problems at all and consistently tries hard at everything he is asked to do. He is such a kind boy and has excellent manners. A great start to school Taylor, please keep up the super work.

1M - Ava Bell
1M’s star of the month is Ava Bell. Ava is a pleasure to have in class. She is so enthusiastic to her learning and always gives 100%. She is a good friend to her class mates and is always helpful and polite inside and outside of class. Well done Ava!

1S - Isla Defty
1S’s Pupil of the Month is Isla Defty. Her brilliant attitude towards learning across the curriculum has proven to be impeccable. She has given 100% in every aspect of learning, and has been a great team member in 1S.

2H - Alisha Coleman
During this first month in year 2, Alisha has been an absolute superstar. She has a great attitude towards school life and is always first ready to learn. Her smile brightens up everyone’s day. A pleasure to have in 2H. Well done, Alisha!

2W - Chloe Hingley
Chloe has shown a determined attitude since starting the new school year.  She has tried her hardest every day and has settled well into Year 2.  Keep it up Chloe!

3C - Zack Blair
Zack is a bright and cheerful boy who brings a smile to everyone’s face. He is always on task and produces top quality work every time. He is a pleasure to have in the classroom.

3L - Declan Spencer
For always being helpful, reliable and mature around school. Declan always makes a special effort with his work and tries his very best in everything that he does. Most importantly he does it with a smile!

4B - Jack Anderson
Jack consistently works hard to push himself further. His effort is exemplary throughout each school day. He has made leaps and bounds with his swimming this term and is nearly swimming like a fish! Polite, hardworking, pleasant- well done Jack!

4PR - Ty Caile
4P-R’s Pupil of the Month for September is Ty Caile. His enthusiasm for learning and helpful attitude stands out amongst his peers. He works very hard at whatever he is presented with, and always has a smile on his face. Well done Ty!

5B - Demi-Lee Mullinder
Demi-Lee is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom. She is hardworking in all of her lessons, she helpful around the classroom and is always ready with a winning smile. Well done Demi-Lee!

5P - Emily Ryan
Emily is 5P’s first pupil of the month!  She is enthusiastic to learn and forever curious and interested in discovering more about the world.  She has a fantastic attitude towards school life, is helpful to both her peers and teachers and always strives to do her best.  Very well done Emily!

6B - Franco Bourne
WOW! What a start Franco has had to Year 6. His effort in all lessons is superb – cannot be faulted. He is polite, well-mannered, has a good sense of humour and is an absolute pleasure to have in the class!

6S - Ceira Swatten
Ceira has had a fantastic start to Year 6. She portrays a fantastic attitude towards all aspects of learning. Ceira has also gone above and beyond with her homework, doing additional sums and delivering immaculate presentation. With this attitude Ceira is bound to have a very successful Year 6. Great job!


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