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Well done to 3C on this weeks best class attendance; 99.1%

Well Done Year 2!

Well done Year 2 in your SATS ! We are all very proud of you!!

Pupil of the Month

Today we announced our pupils of the month for May 2015.

RC - Harry Todd
Harry has been giving 100% effort to his work recently. He is impressing in his mates and literacy and his imagination always amazes me. He is a kind and thoughtful member of RC, who can at times be a little shy. I hope this award gives Harry the encouragement to keep striving for his best.

RD - Victor Nikolov
My pupil of the month in RD is Victor Nikolov. He comes into school with a smile on his face every day and always gives 100%. Victor is making good progress in all areas of the curriculum and is thriving in his work. He makes me smile every day and is an absolute pleasure to have in the class. What a star you are Victor!

1M - Michael Oughton
1M’s pupil of the month for May is Michael Oughton.  Michael has had a change in attitude this month and what a change it has been! Michael now has the right attitude to the classroom, his friends and his work. Michael has been a pleasure to have in the classroom and his writing has seen a huge improvement. He is making the right choices, he has really matured and is now ready for Year 2. Well done Michael!

1S - Lily Whitaker
Lily Whitaker – Lily is a pleasure to teach and I often describe her as a sponge for the amount of knowledge she can soak up. Her behaviour is impeccable and I feel the year two teachers will be fighting over her next year.

2H - Ella Lowes
Ella Lowes is my pupil of the month for 2H. Ella has returned to school after being extremely poorly and has worked her socks off. Ella tries extremely hard in all that she does and is an absolute delight to have in my classroom. Congratulations Ella!

2W - Albert Lonsdale
Albert has worked exceptionally hard all month.  He has persevered when he found things hard, tried his best to listen and helped others when they have needed it.  He has made sure that everyone has someone to play with at break time and has been a role model to all children in Year 2. Well done Albert!

3C - Zack Brookes-Wilson
Zack has made excellent progress with his reading and has become an independent worker using these skills in his recent assessments. It has also given Zack a boost in confidence and attainment. Keep up the good work Zack!

3L - Emily Gustard
Emily has tried very hard this term to improve in all areas of her learning. She has developed confidence in asking for extra help and is trying very hard to improve her work. Emily’s behaviour has also improved and she is turning into such a mature young girl. Well done Emily! Keep up the hard work!

4B - Kiera Pounder
Kiera is an extra special young lady. Her manners are impeccable and she is always willing to offer help and support to those around her. She is well liked by both pupils and staff. Kiera has made extraordinary strides in all areas of the curriculum, particularly in maths-where she shines! Well done Kiera!

4C - Charlize Riley
This month, I have chosen Charlize Riley as my star. She has tried extremely hard to complete her work to the highest standard and has set a fantastic example to other pupils. Keep up the good work Charlize, you are a valuable member of our class.

5B - Amy Barnes
Amy is a friendly and polite member of our class who works hard and tries her best. What makes Amy stand out is her willingness to go the extra mile, she often goes home and completes extra work, using her own initiative. Amy is naturally curious about the world around her and often brings work she has done or creatures she has found into the classroom. We all enjoy sharing Amy’s discoveries and the classroom would be a boring place without her!

5P - Harvey Allinson
Harvey is a hardworking and positive member of 5P.  He can always be relied upon to apply himself across all aspects of the school day.  He is not afraid to push himself and will always rise to a challenge with a sense of determination.  He has a super sense of humour and never fails to brighten the day of his peers and teachers! What a great student!

6B - Joshua Bailey
Joshua is a STAR! This year, he is a different child. He puts 100% effort into all activities he completes, has a positive attitude, enjoys coming to school and reads the most at home compared to anyone else in 6B! He is an absolute pleasure to teach. Keep it up Joshua!

6S - Lucy Moses
This month Lucy has been in her element. Everything she has worked so hard for was finally tested and she took it all in her stride. She truly is the ideal learner. Lucy is always wanting to further her learning, challenging herself to discover beyond her own knowledge and encouraging her peers to explore along with her. No matter the lesson, Lucy is a pleasure to teach, as well as a great ‘book buddy’ to discuss novels with. Absolutely fantastic!

Weekly Awards

May 22 2015

Pupil of the Week

RC Harley Whittaker
RD Symone Meisuria
1M Cameron Davies
1S Robbie Coleman
All of Year 2
3C Ellie Tones
3L Lewis Coulson
4B Aaron Lonsdale
4C Luke Rosemurgey
5B Tyler Reed
5P Toby Butler
6B Robyn Genner
6S Ellie Smith

Golden Spoon

Dylan Coulson
Megan Readman
Leah Wilson
Charlize Riley
Ben Wilson
Leah Baird
Thomas Hunt
Matthew Maughan

Changes to Holiday Dates

Please note that the training days on Friday 27th November 2015 and the 22nd February 2016 will now take place on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd October when the school will also close for half term.

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