Well done to 4M Miss Macieira's class for this weeks best class attendance; 99%

Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 5 February 2016 by Crook Primary.

5 February 2016

Pupil of the Week

RC Maya Hope
RD Rhys Mills
1M Reuben Hill
1S Bradley White
2H Cameron Davies
2M Riley Moore
3A Taylor Nixon
3L Kyrell O'Connor
4B Ben Cooper
4M Rishe Sivaguru
5B Luke Rosemurgey
5R Hollie Davies
6S Boden Pointon
6C Blake McKenna

Resilience Awards

Year 1 Bradley Hodgson
Year2 Taylor Wilkinson
Year 3 Samuel Gent
Year 4 Jadyn Baxter
Year 5 Charlee Francis
Year 6 Amy Barnes

Mathletics Awards

Year 3 Ella Lowes (3rd week)
Year 4 Ben Jones
Year 5 Sonny Longstaff (2nd week)

Golden Spoon Awards

Alex Pattinson 4B
Jacey Coleman 1S
Brooke Henry 2H
Sophie Scott RC
Amy Barnes 6S
Robbie Coleman 2M
Rosie Robinson 5B
Luke Rosemurgey 5B

Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 29 January 2016 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for January 2016.

RC - Abigail Berriman

Abigail Berriman is my pupil of the month for her never ending enthusiasm for school. Abigail is so eager to learn and always tries her very hardest at everything. She is a sensible little girl who also has a wonderful sense of humour and an infectious smile. Abigail will go far with such an exemplary attitude to school and such a special personality.

RD - Riley Kay

My pupil of the month in RD is Riley Kay. He has come back to school after Christmas ready to learn and is giving 100% in everything he is doing. All staff in the unit are very proud of him! Riley is making good progress and seems to be enjoying all aspects of school life. His confidence has improved so much and so has his social skills. Riley is a pleasure to have in my class and I am so proud of his achievements. Keep up the super work and keep smiling Riley!

1M - Oliver Crute

1M's pupil of the month for January is Oliver Crute. Oliver has such a positive and enthusiastic attitude to all his learning and takes real pride in his work. He loves working as part of a team and really enjoys all aspects of school life. Oliver is a pleasure to have in class and always brings a smile to everyone's face. Well done Oliver!

1S - Jacey Coleman

Jacey is my Star of the Month because of her consistently good effort and achievement throughout all her lessons. She always gets on with the task at hand without any hesitation or distraction. Her handwriting is impeccable which makes marking her book a delight. Jacey's attitude to learning sets an example to all and she is an absolute joy to teach.

2H - Evan Ridley

My pupil of the month goes to a young boy who has worked harder then he ever thought possible this month. Evan has tried extremely hard in all that he does and as a result has written some fantastic pieces of writing and has also excelled in his new reading. Evan is a pleasure to have in the class too! Keep up the hard work Evan!

2M - Lily Whitaker

The pupil of the month award in 2M goes to a girl who always impresses me with her enthusiasm and determination to always do her best. Lily takes her time with her work to make sure that it is of the highest quality and her presentation is immaculate. In addition, Lily sets a perfect example to her peers through her consistent kindness, good manners and behaviour. Well done Lily.

3A - Abi Fairhurst

Abi is someone who has made great strides in her maths which has shown in recent tests that we have done. She has shown great resilience in the subject as at the start of the year she had some difficulties but this has made her stronger. She is a valued member of team 3A as she constantly participates in discussions provides good answers. Fantastic Abi!

3L - Aimee Parker

This month my pupil of the month goes to Aimee Parker. Aimee's confidence in lessons has developed so much since we came back after Christmas and as a result she is making fantastic progress. Aimee is a good friend to others and she is always looking for jobs to help around the classroom. She comes in on a morning with a smile and is a pleasure to have in the classroom. Well done Aimee!

4B - Alex Pattinson

Alex has the ability to light up the classroom when he is in it! His manners are impeccable; an example to all! Alex ensures that he gives of his best throughout the curriculum and constantly strives to improve his work, this can be seen in the progress in the presentation in his books. Both his mature attitude and his faultless work ethic make Alex a delight to have in class. Well done, Alex!

4M - Katherine Smith

4M's pupil of the month goes to Katherine Smith. Katherine has a positive attitude towards all aspects of school, is very well mannered and is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom! She always tries her best in every task she undertakes and is a credit to 4M! Well done Katherine!

5B - Dylan Readman

I am delighted to choose Dylan Readman are our pupil of the month in 5B. Dylan is a polite and courteous member of the class who gets on well with all of his peers and sets a wonderful example of behaviour and attitude. He comes into school with a smile on his face and brightens up the classroom with his fun loving approach and sense of humour. I only ever have praise for Dylan and he is a pleasure to teach and have in our class. Well done Dylan - you are a star!

5R - Alex Martin

I am delighted to announce that Alex Martin is the pupil of the month in 5R. Alex has worked hard in both literacy and numeracy. If there is something he does not know he will strive to find it out. Alex is an overall pleasure to have in the class and I am proud to say he is part of 5R. Well done Alex!

6C - Erin Dixon

This month's star goes to Erin Dixon. She is a pleasure to work with and brings a smile to everybody's face. She is polite, friendly and gives 100% to everything she does. Well done Erin.

6S - Kerry Lloyd

Kerry Lloyd is our star of the month in 6S because of her positive attitude towards learning. She has begun the spring term with a fresh outlook, showing eagerness to succeed and tackling all she is given with confidence - which is reflected in her work. Kerry's polite and well-mannered approach has been recognised by other staff who teach her, commenting on how engaged she is beginning to be within lessons. Keep this up Kerry! Well done!


Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 29 January 2016 by Crook Primary.

29 January 2015

Pupil of the Week

RC Devon Taylor
RD Sophie Taylor
1S Samantha Davison
1M Dylan Wilson
2H Isobel Micklethwait
2M Daniel Hobbs
3L Jake Copping
3A Angus Douglas
4B Declan Spencer
4M Tanner Pointon
5B Aleisha Woolf
5R Harry Thompson
6S Joshua Sullivan
6C Glenn Hodgson

Mathletics Awards

Yr 3 Ella Lowes (again)
Yr 4 Nathan Warriner
Yr 5 Sonny Longstaff

Golden Spoon Awards

George Grady
Katelyn Warriner
Katie Fairgrieve
Jack Chillingworth
Leah Nutt
Joshua Harrison
Jessica Curry
Shauna Bowron

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