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Well Done to 3L, Miss Lee's class for this weeks best class attendance with 98.3%.

Miss Philbrick and Miss Cleminson's India Diary

Pupil of the Week

21 November 2014

RC Kate Scott
RD Kie Wardle
1M Lucas Sewell
1S Isobel Micklethwait
2W Kenzie-John Mullinder
2H Bryony Seaton
3C Tanner Pointon
3L Nathan Warriner
4B Freddie Smith
4PR Rebecca Gent
5B Amy Barnes
5P Rhiannon Wall
6B Ryan Scrivens
6S Hollie Burdess

Namibia beckons for Miss Sculthorpe and Mr Pressdee-Rudd

On Saturday, Miss Sculthorpe and Mr Pressdee-Rudd will travel to Elim Primary School in Windhoek, Namibia armed with challenges set by our children to complete. We hope they have a very safe, productive and happy time and look forward to following their visit with interest.

Pupil of the Month

Pupil of the Month – November 2014

RC - Kaycie-Leigh Linley
The star of the month in RC is Kaycie-Leigh Linley. She always gives 100% in lessons and has a positive attitude towards school. Kaycie-Leigh is trying very hard especially with her numbers. She is a lovely little girl who is very kind and helpful to other children and staff. What a star!

RD - James Nicholson
James Nicholson is the star of the month in RD for his conscientious attitude and hard work. He has shown great progress in his blending and is very enthusiastic when reading his book. James is such a character and has a great sense of humour. He always comes to school with a smile on his face and is an absolute pleasure to teach. What a star James!

1M - Jacob Henderson
1M’s pupil of the month for November is Jacob Henderson. Jacob is an absolute superstar! He always takes a responsible and conscientious attitude to his work and is a valued member of our class. He participates well in class discussions, often keeping me right! Jacob has been totally enthralled with our pirates topic and this has shown through his topic work. His presentation and writing has been of the highest standard and Jacob always takes the time to read through his work and correct errors and work on his targets. Well done Jacob!

1S - Archie Alderson
rchie Alderson is 1S’s star of the month. He consistently sets a brilliant example to the other pupils, and continues to strive in his work and presentation. Archie is a brilliant character in the classroom. Well done!!

2H - Harry Burn
2H’s Pupil of the month is Harry Burn. Harry is a pleasure to have in 2H as he is always doing the right thing and is always ready to learn. He has shown a particular flair for science this month also, asking some extremely scientific and very curious questions, extending his learning. Well done Harry!

2W - Abbie Dowsey
Abbie Dowsey has worked hard all month.  She has taken her time in her work and tried hard to improve her presentation.  She always comes into class with a smile on her face, ready to try her hardest.  Well done Abbie!

3L - Jack Storey-Plautus
After a rocky start Jack has totally turned his behaviour around. He now follows rules and routines and sets a good example to others. Well done Jack keep up the good work!

3C - Matthew Harrison
Star of the month for 3C is Matthew Harrison. He has an amazing sense of humour and cheers the whole class up every day. He gives 100% in everything he does and is a role model to others. Well done Matthew.

4B - Cai Henry
Cai is the most helpful and considerate young chap I have had the pleasure to have in my class! Not only does he support me as his teacher but is continually supporting his peers! His bright smile lights-up the whole classroom. Well done, Cai!

4PR - Danny-Lee Coulson
Pupil of the Month for November is Danny-Lee Coulson. His work ethic this month has absolutely astounded all of the Year 4 team. He is a polite, courteous and mature young man and we are so impressed with his progress. Well done Danny!   

5B - Daniel Wileman
Daniel is an incredibly hard working member of our class who always completes his work to the highest standard. He particularly shines in writing activities where he demonstrates an excellent imagination and his use of language is exceptional. Daniel is also a fabulous artist. It is a pleasure to have Daniel in my class, well done on being our pupil of the month!

5P - Kyle Garrett
Kyle is a true asset to class 5P. He has a hard working attitude towards his learning and always strives to do his best.  Well done Kyle!

6B - Hayden Nelson
Hayden is 6B’s pupil of the month because of his tremendous effort in all lessons. He puts 100% effort into everything that he does, always has a smile on his face and is a great friend to others. Well done!

6S - Lily-Beth Howarth
Lily-Beth has shown high levels of perseverance in lessons this month. Throughout, Year 6 so far she has given 100% to everything she has done, taking each new challenge in her stride. As well as this, she has such a warm personality, which is lovely to be around. She always starts the day with a smile and is always on hand to provide a good chuckle. Thanks Lily-Beth! 

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