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Well Done to 1S, Mr Storey's class for best class attendance this week with 96.4%.

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Pupil of the Week

20 January 2015

RC - Thomas Jackson
RD - Bradley Hodgson
1M - Harry Ward
1S - Aaron Taylor
2W - Luca Kitching
2H - Adam Coulson
3C - Hannah Stopforth
3L - Declan Spencer
4B - Aaron Barker
4PR - Rosie Robinson
5B - Jack Spencer
5P - Glenn Hodgson
6B - Robyn Genner
6S - Chloe Heslop

Pupil of the Month

Today we announced our pupils of the month for January 2015.

RC - Vivie Parkin
Pupil of the month in RC is Vivie Parkin. She has amazed us all with her outstanding efforts with her homework which shows real creativity and skill. Vivie is a valued member of RC and we are thrilled with how much she enjoys coming to school…we certainly enjoy having her here. Well done Vivie!

RD - Ellie Varley
Ellie has started this half term with a great attitude towards school life and is becoming more confident as the year goes on. She is trying very hard in phonics and is always keen to complete tasks with me in her key worker group. Ellie follows rules and routines in school and is very kind to other children. She is a lovely little girl who is a pleasure to have in my class. Well done Ellie, you are a superstar!

1M - Evan Ridley
1M’s pupil of the month for January is Evan Ridley. Evan is an absolute delight to have in class. He has such a positive and enthusiastic attitude to all his learning and takes real pride in his work. Not only does he excel in all subjects, Evan also creates the most fantastic homework pieces and really enjoys researching at home around our topics. Well done Evan!

1S - Brooke Henry
Brooke could have been star of the month every month. She is amazing across all subjects and always tries 100%. Well done Brooke, keep it up!

2H - Daniel Gustard
Over the past month, I’ve noticed a real change in Daniel. In all of his work, Daniel is trying so hard especially with his presentation. He is a pleasure to have in my class as his curiosity shines through in everything we do. Keep up the great work Daniel!

2W - Jake Copping
Jake has tried his hardest in all lessons since coming back to school this term.  His writing and numeracy work have been outstanding! He is a great example to the rest of Year 2.  Well done Jake, keep up the hard work!

3C - Emily McLean
Emily is an absolute delight to have in the classroom. Her story writing has massively improved over the last few weeks. This is due to her hard working and positive attitude every day.

3L - Jessica Smith
Jessica has made a huge improvement in the presentation of her work and it has been evident that she has tried really hard with this. Since September Jessica’s behaviour has also improved and she is now setting a good example to others.

4B - John Kipling
John is a remarkable young man who has the ability to brighten-up any classroom! He is thirsty to learn in all areas of the curriculum and has a great ability to retain facts and information and uses this to develop his knowledge in all subjects. John’s warm smile and personality mean that his peers love John and have much respect for him as do our staff. Well done John- keep on brightening our day!

4P-R - Harry Thompson
4P-R’s Pupil of the Month for January is Harry Thompson. His enthusiasm, commitment and sense of humour are infectious and he brightens up our lessons. His Accelerated Reading scores are also very impressive! Well done, Harry!

5B - Jayden Thompson
Jayden is a polite and well-mannered member of our class who comes to school with a beautiful smile, ready to learn. She has an outstanding work ethic and can be relied upon to always try her best, completing tasks to the best of her ability. It is a pleasure to have Jayden as a member of 5B and she thoroughly deserves to be our pupil of the month.

5P - Jessica Curry
Jessica can always be relied upon to put 100% into every aspect of school life.  She strives for success and is always prepared to go the extra mile! Her effort and enthusiasm to learn means that she is a pleasure to teach and a true star in 5P!

6B - Paige Forster
Paige has made outstanding progress in all areas of her learning. She always puts in 100% effort and is determined to succeed. She is a pleasure to have in the classroom and always puts a smile on my face. Well done Paige!

6S - Ammie-Tayla Scott
Ammie is a fantastic class member who is determined to succeed, whether this is in individual lessons, or completing additional work of her own outside of class. This strong work ethic is brilliant to have in the classroom. Her friendly nature means she is always there to make us giggle when we need a boost. Also, with Ammie’s creative skills, she ensures there is never a bad hair day – for both the kids and Miss Sculthorpe. Great job Ammie!



Dear Parents,

I would like to apologise for the sudden closure this morning when we had said we were open. Many of us, including myself live a long way from Crook and the weather can be very different there! We thought that conditions were better than they actually were so hence the decision to open.Staff did their best to get to school and had horrendous journeys although the police turned me back along the A68 and shut the road.

When it started to snow again at just before opening time and when staff saw how it was in Crook, we took the decision to close. I appreciate that this must have been very frustrating for you. In hindsight, it was the wrong decision to try and open. We will try and do better next time!

Once again I am very sorry that you have had such a difficult morning.

Kind regards

Antonella Lupton

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