Well done to 4M Miss Macieira's class for this weeks best class attendance; 99%

Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 23 September 2016 by Crook Primary.

23 September 2016

Pupil of the Week:
RCR Harriet Cummings
RS Brodie Lambert-Cousins
1L Christy King Belshaw
1N Samuel Lyons
2S Kacey Smith
2M Victor Nikolov
3A Charlie Thompson
3V Lexie -Mai Lambert Cousins
4B Leah Nutt
4M Taylor Nixon
5O Alex Pattinson
5G Emily McLean
6C Freya Swatten
6L Alex Martin
6H Callum Fletcher
1 - Holly Miller
2 - Harry Todd
3 - Savannah Pearson
4 - Chloe Hingley
5 - Jake Slack
6 - Danny-Lee Coulson 
Dojo Champ:
R - Libby Taylor
1 - Sophie Newman
2 - Megan Readman
3 - Emily McKenna
4 - Ella Lowes
5 - Declan Spencer
6 - Aaron Lonsdale / Finley Heslop

New Trainees

Published on Wednesday 21 September 2016 by Crook Primary.

We are delighted that Mr Tinkler and Mr Martin have joined us this term as our new trainees from High Force SCITT.

Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 16 September 2016 by Crook Primary.

16 September 2016

Star of the week

RS Evie Cooper
RC Phoebe Lloyd
1L Jacob Gatens
1N Devon Taylor
2S Megan Readman
2M Ellie Varley
3A Rhianne Longmoor
3V Roxanne Heslop
4M Emily Ramsey
4B Eve Barnes
5O Jayden Baird
5G Lewis Coulson
6L Amber Lambert-Cousins
6C Charlee Francis
6H Alesha Woolf


Yr1 Joshua Coulson
Yr2 Vivie Parkin
Yr3 Toby Chillingworth
Yr4 Alesha Barker
Yr5 Ben Jones
Yr6 Leah Hamilton


RC Leah Hall
RS Sunny Genner
Yr1 Leah Hardy
Yr2 Bradley Hodgson
Yr3 Charlie Moses
Yr4 Emily Ramsey
Yr5 Declan Spencer
Yr6 Aaron Lonsdale

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