Well done to 4M Miss Macieira's class for this weeks best class attendance; 99%

Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 2 December 2016 by Crook Primary.

2 December 2016

Pupil of the Week

RS Josepth Morante-Closs
RCR Evie Hodgson
1L McKenzie Taylor
1N Lydia Howe
2M Bethany Tate
2S Grace Taylor
3V Emily McKenna
3A Ryan Bennett
4B Emily Nichol
4M Jack Boughey
5O Tanner Pointin
5G Patience Stewart
6C Liam Pedelty
6H Kiera Pounder
6L Luke Rosemurgey

Resilience Award

Year 1 Grace Maskill
Year 2 Summer Thompson
Year 3 Michael Oughton
Year 4 Amy-Rose Robinson
Year 5 Ellie Fowler
Year 6 Harry Thompson

Dojo Champions

Reception Daisie and Poppie Allchurch
Year 1 Alfie Hogarth
Year 2 Emma Frost and James Nicholson
Year 3 Sarah Frost
Year 4 Aimee Parker
Year 5 Alex Pattinson
Year 6 Rhys Spencer

Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 2 December 2016 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for November 2016.

RCR - Matthew Watts

Our pupil of the month is Matthew Watts. Matthew has shown great resilience as he used to find coming to school in the morning very difficult however, he is now like a different child. Matthew now comes into school every morning with a beautiful beaming smile ready to start the day. With his new attitude to school Matthew has shown great progress in maths and phonics. We are very proud of you! 

RS - Joshua Coleman

Joshua has had an amazing month and has become a vital member of the class with his improved attitude to learning. Joshua has been working hard with phonics and numeracy but has excelled with his topic work. Keep up the good work Joshua, well done!

1L - Jacob Gatens

Congratulations Jacob, you are 1L's pupil of the month. Well done for being an absolute wizard in maths this month, your effort and enthusiasm have not gone unnoticed and we are all incredibly proud of you. Well done for sharing your interest of the oceans and continents with the rest of the class; I love how curious you were to go home and find out more. You always challenge yourself and push yourself to improve, please keep up the hard work!

1N - Abbie Coney

1N's pupil of the month for November is Abbie Coney. Abbie one of the happiest and most helpful girl's in my class. She loves school and always gives 100% effort. Abbie has made fantastic progress this half term, especially with her reading and writing. Keep up the hard word Abbie! Well done!

2M - Ryan Donaldson

Ryan is the pupil of the month in 2M because of his great attitude to learning. He displays outstanding effort and resilience in each and every lesson. Ryan is sensible and polite and likes to be helpful around the classroom. Ryan is a fantastic role model to his peers. Well done Ryan!

2S - James Nicholson

2S Star of the month is James Nicholson. James is an extremely cheerful and positive class member who shows a real love of learning. No matter the lesson, James always tries his hardest and aims to achieve his best. Within class, he enjoys being a helper and will be on hand to support his other classmates in their learning. A fantastic pupil to have. Well done James!

3A - Rhianne Longmoor

Rhianne deserves a lot of praise for the way that she has grown in confidence in the last month. Before, Rhianne was quiet during group discussions but this has changed with her wanting to participate and volunteering to read from the board. Rhianne is someone who listens carefully and always tries to produce her best work. She has also made amazing progress in her reading this year! Fantastic work Rhianne, well done!

3V - Jacob Henderson

3V's pupil of the month goes to a remarkable young man. He is resilient, independent, and a superb mathematician! He gives 100% in every aspect of his school life. Jacob always asks for extra work to take home if he does not understand something in class and he makes it his mission to become an expert in it! I could not be more proud to have you in my class. Well done Jacob Henderson! 

4B - Katie Newman

Katie is a delight to have in class! She offers 100% to everything she enters into and her book presentation is exemplary. Katie is responsible and carries out all tasks conscientiously, her approach to school is to be commended; she is a prized member of 4B by all who know her, well done, Katie!

4M - Amy-Rose Robinson

4M's Pupil of the Month award for November goes to Amy-Rose Robinson. Amy-Rose is a pleasure to have in the classroom and sets a great example for all. She is very passionate about her school life and makes the most of every opportunity she is given. She has a wonderful sense of humour and often uses that to light up the classroom. I admire her amazing work ethic as she never gives up, no matter how tricky she finds a task. A very well-deserved award! Well done Amy-Rose!

5G - Alex Nikolov

Pupil of the month this month is awarded to Alex Nikolov. Alex is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom and is always so eager to learn. He puts 100% effort into everything he does and always has a smile on his face whilst doing it. Well done Alex!

5O - Katherine Smith

5O's pupil of the month is Katherine Smith! She is a wonderfully hard-working girl with impeccable manners and a great attitude. She is helpful, kind to all others and shows a lot of enthusiasm and determination in lessons. This reliable young lady is an all-round star in my class. Well done Katherine!

6C - Rosie Robinson

This month, pupil of the month for 6C goes to Rosie Robinson. She has a great year 6 attitude and gives her all in everything she does. Her handwriting is beautiful, I wish I could write as beautifully as Rosie!

6H - Charlie Bunton

Charlie is a fabulous addition to 6H and has not only had a great month, but a brilliant first term. With everything Charlie does, he always wants to improve and better himself which is a great attitude to have! Well done Charlie!

6L - Robbie Douglas

Robbie has such a good attitude to learning. He always strives to challenge himself and has the determination to succeed and do well. Robbie is very curious and asks questions to further develop his learning and is particularly excelling in Maths. Keep up the good work Robbie, you are doing so well!

Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 25 November 2016 by Crook Primary.

25 November 2016

Pupil of the Week

RCR Daisie Allchurch
RS Sophia Johnston
1N Kyla George
1L Ella Turner
2S Thomas Jackson
2M Bradley Hodgson
3A Isobel Micklethwait
3V Lily Whitaker
4M Shannon Fletcher
4B Kenzie - John Mullinder
5G Emily McLean
5O Jayden Baird
6C Ty Caile
6H Chelsie Genner
6L Lois Dixon

Resilience Award

Yr 1 Rosie Beth Hobbs
Yr 2 Oliver Crute
Yr 3 Evie- Mae Hird
Yr 4 Charlotte Healer
Yr 5 Ella Crosby
Yr 6 Matt Buddle

Dojo Stars

Rec Kate Barker
Yr 1 Abbie coney
Yr 2 Megan Readman
Yr 3 Charlie Moses
Yr 4 Lucas Henderson
Yr 5 Patience Stewart
Yr 6 Demi Anjorin

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