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All Around the World

Published on Monday 10 February 2020 by Miss Roberts.

As part of our topic 'All Around the World', we have been exploring different countries such as Africa and India. Last week our learning took us all the way to Italy. We decided to focus on our motor skills and what better way to do that than with pizza, any excuse! We had to knead, fold, toss and roll the pizza dough and it proved pretty tough as we had to make sure there was no lumpy bits. We all got a little bit messy!

Archie said, "I'm enjoying doing this."

All Around the WorldAll Around the World

We took our chef skills a little bit further the next day. As we donned on our chef hats it was time to get real, it was time to make the pizza! We used a tortilla wrap for the base as we are always looking at ways to be healthy then we added some tomato passatta and ham. Of course, we could not be too healthy as we just had to add the cheddar cheese. Yum yum!

All Around the WorldAll Around the World

All Around the WorldAll Around the World

EYFS Water Walk

Published on Wednesday 22 January 2020 by Miss Roberts.

At the beginning of January we kick started our brand new topic, 'All Around the World'. We have been learning so much about our immediate environment as well as further afield. Due to the current cultural climate we thought it was important to learn together about the differences and challenges that the world is facing.

We have learned about the oceans carrying out a scientific experiment about floating and sinking. This led us on to boats. We decided to jump on to a boat and sail across to Africa to learn about their daily routine. We learned that children and adults in Africa complete, on average, a 4 mile walk each day to get their water, this would then mean a 4 mile walk back. To experience this, we were able to equate this to 16 laps of our school yard. The children therefore, walked around our school yard before getting our water from the tap and working together to carry it into the middle area to drink from.

EYFS Water WalkEYFS Water Walk

Sidenote: We only managed 4 laps of the school yard before we got tired.

EYFS Water WalkEYFS Water Walk

Whilst learning about the 'Water Walk' we had a great discussion about why we were doing it, what challenges we might face as a result of completing it and why it is important to learn about daily routines from around the world.

Some words we used were: poverty, heavy 'v' light, journey, clean 'v' dirty, purify, thirsty and empty 'v' full.

EYFS Water Walk

On a lighter note, we thoroughly enjoyed the school pantomime yesterday. It was even more fun to see Mr Storey and Mr Hutchinson join in with the actors to complete a dance.

Christmas is Coming

Published on Monday 16 December 2019 by Miss Roberts.

The countdown to Christmas is on! We have been getting daily treats from the advent calendars in our classroom, we are still enjoying the leftover treats from our Christmas party and rehearsals for the Nativity are taking place at every given moment.

Last week we were so lucky to be invited over to the Nursery to sing some of our Nativity songs. This was a wonderful experience and we think Nursery were just as excited as us because they had even made tickets to come and see our show!

Christmas is ComingChristmas is Coming

Our performing arts did not stop there though! On Friday it was the annual Crook Factor and this year was bigger and better than EVER! In Reception this is usually our first taste of a whole school event however, our children this year are so keen to be involved that we had two acts performing. This has NEVER happened before. Both acts represented Reception tremendously and made us all so proud. We had Logan performing 'Last Christmas' all by himself and our Reception Rockers performing 'Dance Monkey'.

Well done to both acts, you were incredible! A special mention to Reception Rockers though for being joint winners of the whole show!

Christmas is ComingChristmas is Coming

The holidays are fast approaching and we have a couple of messages. Tomorrow (Tuesday 17th December) is our trip to Hall Hill Farm. We ask that all children are dressed appropriately for the cold weather so please have coats, scarves, hats, gloves and wellies. On Friday our performance will start at 9:05. We will be opening the Reception doors at 8:45 to start getting dressed to make sure we are ready on time.

Lastly, a great big thank you for all your continued support over this first term. The children have settled in so well to school life and we look forward to seeing you all in 2020!

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas!

The EYFS Team

Cake Sale

Published on Tuesday 19 November 2019 by Mr Storey.

It was decided at the start of this Half-Term that we would visit Santa at Hall Hill Farm before Christmas. However, as we are a small year group the prices were slightly high. Therefore, we tried to reduce the price by having a bake sale. Somehow, we managed to bake and decorate over 400 cakes and biscuits, and made a whopping £210.60. Thank you to everyone who helped create the cakes and everyone who bought something!

Cake Sale

A Police Visit

Published on Friday 8 November 2019 by Miss Roberts.

It has been a jam packed week at school this week. Firstly, we were celebrating bonfire night and learning how to stay safe at the events. To make this even more special we decided to have our own bonfire where we celebrated with yummy toasted marshmallows. The children proved how sensible they can behave as they followed each instruction perfectly allowing us to have fun safely.

A Police VisitA Police Visit

As part of our Bonfire Night festivities, we thought it was important to learn about the people in our community who work to help us stay safe. We were lucky enough to have two people from the police force come in to school to show us their police car. This was so much fun and we thoroughly enjoyed having a seat in the car and wearing their special helmets.

Also, a great big thank you for the wonderful gifts. Hopefully the children will remember who to turn to if they ever need help.

A Police VisitA Police Visit

It has been a very busy week and as such, this has instigated lots of conversations amongst the children. It has even encouraged the children to ask each other for help. A lot of our conversations this week have focused on the people in our community who help us such as lollipop people, doctors, nurses, vets, shop assistants, librarians and parents. We have also talked about safety with a big focus on who to turn to if we need help, what number to call if we need the emergency services and what we might have to do if we can't get somebody to help us.

A Police VisitA Police Visit