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Welcome Back!

Published on Friday 13 September 2019 by Mr Askew.

The Year 5 Team would like to welcome you all back for a new year. The children have settled in really well and are adapting to life in Upper Key Stage 2.

We have kicked off our Topic for the term, which is 'Who are the Ancient Greeks?' The children have already shown some good knowledge of the topic and are excited to learn more.

In Science, a mystery wreckage was found on the grounds of Crook Primary school leading to some great hypothesising and question development.

Why don't you ask your child about any new facts or vocabulary that they have learned?

Just a quick reminder, PE kits are needed for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

King James Transition Week

Published on Friday 28 June 2019 by Mr Askew.

This week has been a very exciting week for Year 5. We have been to King James to experience life in secondary school, and we have had a taster of some exciting lessons.

We kicked off the week by learning about possibility in math where we worked out the likelihood of something happening. After that, we had really interesting science lessons. In 5T, we had to solve a murder using the knowledge that we had acquired; 5A solved who had killed Dumbledore by testing different chemicals in over the Bunsen burner to see what colour the flame went.

King James Transition WeekKing James Transition Week

In art, we were able to be very creative and used the wacky imagination of Jon Burgerman to inspire our art. We created our own characters and instagrammed them to get a like from the artist himself before showing the skills that we had learned in basketball earlier in the year.

Our favourite music teacher (Mr Smith from King James) taught us how to play the keyboard, which no other schools got to do, instead of the guitar as we have already done that at school with him. In Reporting from the front line, we had to write letters home from the trenches. Before we did that we learned about how disgusting the conditions were - especially the trench foot and dead bodies.

King James Transition WeekKing James Transition Week

In religious studies, we did not learn about god or learn anything religious. We had to discuss who we would leave on an island if we had to save everybody else out of a group of people. Many people said the professional footballer because he had had a good life, which many of the boys who like football argued strongly against as he brought joy to people's lives.

At The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, we were able to make and eat their own pizzas before making a fruit kebab, which we enjoyed outside in the sun. On the final day, the lesson that stood out for everyone was drama. We got to play some warm-up games and then learned a dance with the 6th Form children from King James.

King James Transition Week

The children from Crook had a fantastic week and they were impeccably behaved.

Explorer Kids!

Published on Friday 7 June 2019 by Mr Askew.

On Wednesday, we kicked off our Explorer Kids topic by visiting Hamsterley Forest. We had a carousel of activities on the morning including coordinate sink my battleships, find the treasure, symbol bingo and nature compass building.

Explorer Kids!Explorer Kids!

After this activity, we attempted to put into practice the skills we learned to follow an orienteering route through the forest. Unfortunately, Mr Askew took us to the start of a different route, so our children had to navigate us to the start of the correct route. Luckily, we had some very good navigators.

Explorer Kids!Explorer Kids!

Once we had completed the route, the children were rewarded with lunch, and then had free time to explore the park!

Everyone had a great day, and the children were impeccably behaved.

Explorer Kids!Explorer Kids!

Fajita Fun

Published on Friday 24 May 2019 by Mr Askew.

This week, the children have used their designs to make their Maya inspire fajitas. The children cut the vegetables and meat and cooked it themselves. They learned about food safety and washing their hands when cooking. It was an enjoyable afternoon and apologies if some children did not eat their tea that evening.

Fajita Fun Fajita Fun

Fajita Fun Fajita Fun

Summer Term

Published on Friday 3 May 2019 by Mr Askew.

We have kicked off our summer term by looking at sources from the Ancient Maya. The children had to discuss what the objects were, their purpose and who might have used them. They then had to discuss which type of evidence that they thought was the most important for learning about the Maya.

Summer TermSummer Term

Summer TermSummer Term

Keep an eye out for the letters that we have sent out on Friday 3rd, May as these have all the important dates and information for this term. Please contact us if this has not made it home and we will be able to provide you with another copy.

Shakespeare, Scientists and Sewing.

Published on Friday 29 March 2019 by Mr Askew.

Over this last week, the children have had some fun and exciting new experiences. Last Friday, 5A were part of a multi-school performance of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The children had been working really hard for weeks with Miss Gentles on the performance and this showed. They loved the experience and were a credit to the school and Miss Gentles.

Shakespeare, Scientists and Sewing.Shakespeare, Scientists and Sewing.

This half-term, we have been looking at 'Super Scientists'. The focus this week was on forensic scientists and the role that science plays in capturing criminals. The children had the opportunity to discover the different types of testing that they use, and suggested ways that this would help to identify a criminal.

Shakespeare, Scientists and Sewing.Shakespeare, Scientists and Sewing.

On Thursday, we started our D.T project. We designed our products, which were pouches or bags that would use applique in the making. With the help of parent helpers, the children were able to practice different types of stitch that they can use in the making of their products next week. Keep an eye out on her for our final products!

Shakespeare, Scientists and Sewing.Shakespeare, Scientists and Sewing.