Pupil of the Month

Published on Thursday 27 February 2020 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for February 2020.

RS - Mia-Rose Kitch

I am delighted to give this pupil of the month. After a shaky start to school life, Mia-Rose has found her feet. Her behaviour has improved dramatically and she is showing the staff how hard she can work with her Maths and Phonics. Well done Mia-Rose, keep up the hard work! :)

1D - Logan Hall

Logan is such an enthusiastic member of the class. He tackles every challenge head on and always gives his work 100% effort. Logan is interested in our topics and does many things at home which are linked to them. His space rocket was second to none! Logan works really hard in phonics and as a result his reading is coming on nicely. I am thrilled with how far Logan has come since September and I am sure he will continue to impress me. Well done Logan, keep up the hard work!

1L - Rose Colcombe 

Congratulations Rose on being 1L’s Pupil of the Month! Since coming into Year 1 you have always been exceptionally well behaved and have a great attitude to your learning. You always put so much care and effort into each task I give you and you produce some fantastic work. You are a wonderful friend and set a marvellous example to the rest of the class. Well done! 

1M - Maisie Clarey

1M’s Pupil of the Month award for February goes to Maisie Clarey. Maisie came into year 1 ready to impress. She arrived with a fantastic attitude, ready to learn. Maisie has become a keen writer and has made some fantastic progress. Her behaviour is perfect and she never fails to make me laugh! Maisie is a fantastic friend to lots of people in the class as she is particularly kind and caring towards others. It is a genuine pleasure to have Maisie in 1M and I am excited to see what she can achieve during the remainder of this year. Well done Maisie! Very well deserved!

2G - Jia Jia Yang

My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Jia Jia. Jia Jia is a fantastic role model in 2G. She gives 100% to everything that she does, and works hard to ensure that she progresses in all areas of the curriculum. Jia Jia sparkles with all of our gem powers as she is such a kind, hardworking and resilient member of the class. She thoroughly deserves this award! Well done! 

2N - Grace Tate

2N's pupil of the month goes to Grace Tate. Grace is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom, her confidence has soared since she entered Year 2 and she is a bright and bubbly member of the class. Grace tries her best in everything she does and is an excellent example of a child who displays our gem powers. She constantly drives to improve her work and loves school. Keep up the fantastic attitude Grace!

3A - Marshal Horn

Marshal is 3As Pupil of the Month. Marshal is a model pupil who consistently shows respectful, focused learning behaviour - show immense levels of ruby and sapphire power. He always gives things a go and tries his best, also showing emerald power. He is a shining example of gem power and is a pleasure to have in class due to his wonderful attitude towards others and his work. Well done, Marshal.  

3L - Saphira Johnston

Saphira is a pleasure to teach. She puts 100% effort into anything that she does and has so much resilience when she is finding things challenging. She is a great learner and will attempt any task she is given. She has made fantastic progress since September and is a little ray of sunshine! Well done Spahira, keep up the hard work!

4C - Serene Clark

We are so proud to have Serene Clark as our Pupil of the Month! She consistently shows emerald power in class, having a go at everything, even when she finds it tricky. Serene is a fabulous role model to her class mates. She is always offering answers and suggestions in lessons, as well as listening and showing respect to everyone in the room. Well done, Serene!

4MB - Kyla George

Kyla deserves pupil of the month in 4MB as she has a fantastic attitude to her work in terms of resilience and perseverance. This young lady has shown that she is always determined to complete tasks that are set and has a go even when she may be unsure. Kyla is supportive and kind to other members of the class and never hesitates to offer her equipment for others to borrow displaying ruby power in abundance. She is polite and respectful and a joy to have in the class. Keep up the hard work, well done Kyla.

5A - Danny Bailes

Danny has gleamed with Diamond power this month by using resources to support him complete work independently. Although Danny still struggles to walk around school quietly, his Sapphire power has grown immensely in the classroom as he is always ready and focused on the task. I'm sure Danny's parents and new puppy pug, Jess, will be really proud. Well done Danny.  

5H - Jacey Coleman

Jacey is a hardworking and determined member of 5H. She has really impressed me with her desire to improve her confidence and I can see that she now believes in herself more. She works diligently, making sure she understands a concept before moving on and this has really helped her progress. She understands that she cannot be good at everything, and focuses on improving her weaker areas without a fuss. This has been shown really well in reading, where she has made over a year’s progress since September! Jacey is a great friend and will happily work with any group of her peers. She has recently shown this in science lessons, where she helped another child with their confidence in working with computers and they both produced a fantastic presentation. Well done Jacey!

6O - Niamh Taylor

Niamh has really impressed me with her attitude and effort this month. She is beginning to show her emerald power in all aspects of her work - she has a go, and doesn't give up if she gets it wrong or if her sentences don't make sense. Niamh is the first to show support to others in the class, and is liked by many as she is a kind and giving friend. It has been a pleasure to see Niamh progress and enjoy school with a smile. Well done Niamh!

6T - Grace Greenwood

6T's pupil of the month is Grace. She always demonstrates a fantastic attitude towards her learning and has grown in confidence this year. In every lesson, she gives 100% and is an excellent role model to the rest of her peers. She willingly takes part in classroom discussions and shows great resilience with every challenge she faces. Grace has made huge improvements with her writing and I am really impressed with the persuasive leaflet she has written this month. Keep up the amazing work Grace!

What did you do at school today?

Published on Friday 14 February 2020 by Crook Primary.

Does your child often not say much about what kind of day they had?

Here are some questions that might help you find out more what your child has done at school each day

1. What story book is your teacher reading to the class? Can you tell me what happened today in the book?
2. What was the best thing that happened today?
3. What new words have you learnt?
4. Was there something you learnt that surprised you?
5. Who did you play with today?
6. What activity did you do at lunchtime in the yard?
7. Tell me your top 2 things about today.
8. Teach me something that I don't know!
9. Tell me something that you know today that you didn't know yesterday.
10. What made you feel proud today?
11. What Gem powers did you show at school today?

Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 7 February 2020 by Crook Primary.

7 February 2020

Pupil of the Week

RS Jude Johnson
1L Alannah Coates
1M Estelle Gent
1D Sophie-Jane Wilson
2G Harry Gibson
2N Sienna Martin
3A Sunny Genner
3L Savannah Hindmarsh
4C Leah Hardy
4MB Jake Hamilton
5A Bradley Hodgson
5H Taylor Reed
6O Archie Alderson
6T Jake Parvin

Challenge Award

RR James Penfould
RS Alexis Mclean
1L Imogen McManus
1M Fern Breward
2G Ryan Newton
2N Jayden Taylor
3A Ameila Nicholson
3L Quinn Brown
4C Reece Slack
4MB Maya Hope 
5A Symone Meisuria
5H Kate Scott
6O Michael Oughton
6T Daniel Hobbs

International Visits

Published on Friday 7 February 2020 by Crook Primary.

Next week Miss Golightly and Miss Lee will be visiting our partner schools in Zimbabwe and Mrs Lupton will be visiting our partner schools in Tanzania. They will be taking the work our children have been doing on the sustainable development goal about quality education and will bring back work that the partner schools have done to share with our children. We look forward to hearing about the visits and sharing the next steps in these exciting projects that bring the world to Crook Primary.

Well done to 5H Mrs Hunter's class for this weeks best class attendance: 99.2%

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