Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 24 September 2021 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for September 2021.

RF - Olivia Bell

My pupil of the month is Olivia Bell. Olivia has settled exceptionally well into the routine of school life and has embraced learning new skills every day. She has thoroughly enjoyed learning our new phonemes each day and putting them into practice at the writing table. She always comes into school with a huge smile on her face and is an absolute pleasure to have in my class. Keep up the fantastic work Olivia!

RR - Thea Cavagin

The first pupil of the month in RR goes to Thea Cavagin. From the first day of school this little girl has had a huge, beaming smile on her face. This smile has lit up the whole of Reception and I have never seen it slip. Thea is confident and kind and her attitude towards the challenges and our lessons is exemplary. She shines bright every day and it is truly delightful to have her in my class. Well done, Thea!

1M - Lachlan Connor

1M’s Pupil of the Month award for September goes to Lachlan Connor. Lachlan has made such a fantastic first impression in 1M. Lachlan arrived in Year 1 ready to learn. He can always be found doing the right thing and sets a great example to others. Lachlan has shown he is kind to others and is a very good friend to those around him. I am very excited to see what Lachlan can achieve in Year 1 after such a fantastic start! Well done Lachlan. Keep it up!

1N - Lennon Beveridge

1N's pupil of the month for September goes to Lennon Beveridge. Lennon has made a fantastic start to Year 1. He has an excellent attitude to his learning and sets a great example to the rest of his peers. Lennon enjoys sharing his ideas on the carpet and tries his best in every lesson. Keep up the hard work Lennon!

2AD - Emily-Rose McCormack

Emily has had a fantastic start to Year 2. She has consistently showed lots of emerald power; always giving things a go, trying her hardest and being resilience when she's found things more tricky. Her sapphire power has been wonderful by always showing she is focused, listening and ready to learn. She has been a pleasure to have in class and a little ray of sunshine! Well done Emily!

2B - Leo Lowes

Leo has had such a positive attitude to learning since returning to school. He has fully embraced Y2 life and pushes himself everyday to produce the best piece of work he can independently. Leo is so eager to engage in class discussions that he looks like he could burst at times! He is a fantastic friend to many in the class and shows great ruby power to peers and staff. I can always count on Leo to be sat smartly ready to lean! Keep it up Leo!

3D - Kobe Egglestone

Kobe has joined Y3 with a positive attitude to learning, displaying the GEM Powers on a daily basis. He always shows impeccable manners and tries his best to complete tasks independently. Kobe is a positive role model to his peers as he is always prepared for the lesson and is able to take responsibility for his belongings. Well done Kobe, a great start to Y3!

3P - Harrison Binyon

Harrison has had an amazing attitude towards his learning since moving into year 3.  He has been working on 'believing in the power of YET' and has really pushed through things he finds tricky.  Diamond and sapphire power have been our focus in year 3 and Harrison has tried hard to use these powers to overcome things he finds difficult, to not give up and to not become annoyed with himself (remembering our class rule of being kind to ourselves and each other).  This is particularly evident in both his English and maths work where his presentation has improved with Harrison taking pride in his writing.  He contributes to class discussions and is not afraid to make mistakes.  Well done Harrison for having a fantastic Growth Mindset! Keep it up!

4G - Jiajia Yang

My Pupil of the Month is awarded to Jiajia Yang. Jiajia is bursting with all of the gem powers, and she is an excellent role model to have in the classroom. Jiajia always takes part in lessons, sharing her ideas and contributing. She has fantastic levels of concentration and her manners are beautiful. Jiajia is very independent and is able to solve her own problems. A great start to Year 4 Jiajia, well done!

4L - Jackson Mclean

Jackson has started Year 4 with such maturity and readiness to learn. He is putting 100% effort into everything that he does and ensuring he is taking pride in his work. His work is always presented beautifully and he always joins in with lessons. He is producing some impressive scores in maths and times tables too! Well done Jackson, keep up the hard work!

5A - Cruze Dunlavey

Cruze has settled in impressively to 5A considering he only joined Crook just before the summer holidays. Cruze is a trier and has shone with emerald power in class, even if he will find something difficult. Well done Cruze!

5MB - Evie Hodgson

Evie has displayed maturity and enthusiasm for learning since returning to school by giving 100% effort all of the time. It is lovely to see Evie's confidence is improving so she now feels more comfortable completing activities independently and just giving things a go. Evie is a kind and considerate member of the class and a fantastic role model, who therefore displays great ruby power. Keep up the hard work and determination Evie. Well done!

6O - Lili-Paige Hutchinson

Lili-Paige has started Year 6 with a brilliant attitude. She tries her best with every activity set, showing diamond power in bucketfuls! I have been so impressed with her effort in maths, which she has said she is starting to love! It's so wonderful to see her enjoying school and her work. Well done Lili-Paige!

6T - Steed Cleary

6T's Pupil of the Month is Steed because he is an enthusiastic learner, who shows great independence and resilience. He always gives 100% effort and can always be relied upon to join in class discussions. Well done Steed!

    Pupil of the Week

    Published on Friday 17 September 2021 by Crook Primary.

    17 September 2021

    RR Awes Al Soliman
    RF Freddie Breward
    1M River Thompson
    1N Indie-Mai Sung-Brown
    2B Amelia Kirkbride
    2AD Scarlett Hodgson
    3P Joshua Saville
    3D Bailey Harrison
    4L Mia-Lilly Lambert
    4G Jessica Knighton
    5A Lucy Donaldson
    5MB James Cannon
    6L Abbie Coney
    6O Aikida Makame

      Pupil of the Week

      Published on Friday 10 September 2021 by Crook Primary.

      10 September 2021

      RR Kelsey-Mae Stewart
      RF Grace Tanner
      1L Jak Beasley
      1N Daniel Reed
      2B Carter French
      2AD Emily-Rose McCormack
      3P Fern Breward
      3D Amelia Harvey
      4L Emily Gatens
      4G Noah Ballan
      5A Jayden Dunn
      5MB Lacey-Mae Lally
      6O Christy King-Belshaw
      6T Kalem Cuthbertson

        Sad News

        Published on Wednesday 1 September 2021 by Crook Primary.

        Sad News

        Dear Parents and Friends of Crook Primary,

        It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that our wonderful Barbara Gentles passed away this morning after a long illness. Barbara worked at Crook Primary for many years and I am sure that she taught many of you. As a teacher, she wanted the very best for every child and in particular she wanted children to experience and access the arts, culture and knowledge of the world. She wanted children to grow up to live life to the full.

        Mrs Gentles was instrumental in bringing Shakespeare to the Crook Community. The joy and excellence of our cluster Shakespeare festivals was second to none. She brought Europe to the children of Crook through her Comenius linking programmes.

        Barbara was a much cherished colleague. She was above all great fun to work with and has nurtured and supported colleagues both in her work in school and in her wider work with the teaching union.

        We all loved her very much and give thanks for a life well lived.

        " Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow."

        Romeo and Juliet.